EVO + SLIM KIT 40/60 Decorative Sliding Hardware Kit

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For wood and glass doors

The EVO + SLIM KIT 40/60 is an elegant "Barn-Door" style sliding system engineered for wood and glass doors for two different weight capacities, up to 40 kg (88 lbs.) and 60 kg (132 lbs.). The EVO + SLIM compliments a wide variety of design styles and trends with four durable anodized finishes to choose from Chrome, Champagne, Titanium and Black. Includes upper track with mounts, hardware set with soft close mechanisms for one door and a matching pull handle. Installation is simple and flexible with adjustable mounts that can be positioned for best structural support. The soft close mechanisms can be fitted to multiple positions to accommodate a wide range of door widths and control where to start and stop the door. The EVO + SLIM is an ideal solution for a feature door in residential and commercial applications to access bedrooms, toilets, office, closets, and pantry.

- For wood doors 3/4 in (19 mm) to 1 3/8 in (36 mm) thick
- For glass doors 5/16 in (8 mm) to 1/2 in (13 mm) thick

IMPORTANT: The minimum door width including soft-close mechanism is 700 mm.
Fasteners and anchors to the wall not included. Lighting may alter the appearance of some finishes and differ from the published renderings.
Load Capacity: 33.1 to 88.2 lb* 88.2 to 132 lb* Finish: Black (90) Champagne Champagne Chrome (140) Chrome (140) Titanium Titanium Select Options
Product # Load Capacity Finish
2461279190 33.1 to 88.2 lb* Black (90)
2461279590 88.2 to 132 lb* Black (90)
24612790CHBRZ 33.1 to 88.2 lb* Champagne
24612789140 33.1 to 88.2 lb* Chrome (140)
24612792188 33.1 to 88.2 lb* Titanium
24612794CHBRZ 88.2 to 132 lb* Champagne
24612793140 88.2 to 132 lb* Chrome (140)
24612796188 88.2 to 132 lb* Titanium


- For wood and glass doors
- Soft-close option can be adjusted to different positions
- Four finishes available


Door Material
Wood, Glass
Door Movement
Straight Sliding
Detailed Door Movement
Single sliding
Track Mounting
Wall Mount
Door Thickness
5/16 to 1 13/32 in*
Roller Type
Premium Ball Bearing
Roller Position
Standard Access Door, Barn Door
Screw/Nail Included
Height Clearance
7 17/32 in*
Overall Length
78 3/4 in*
Packaging Format
Number of bars/tracks
Track type
Flat oval
Manufacturing Material
Soft-Close Type
One-Way Operation
Soft-Close Direction
Displayed in These Showrooms
Barn Door
Groove Depth
1/2 in*
Groove Needed for Guiding System
Door Projection
3 5/32 in*
Door Installation
Top Hung
Number of Doors
Door Height
Max. 8 ft 6 in*
Door Width
27 1/2 to 39 3/8 in*
Groove Width at the Bottom of Door
15/32 in*

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


  • Door Guides for Sliding Door Systems
  • Premium Panels
  • Melamine (TFL)
  • Panolite(TM) - Lightweight and ecological panels


- 2 upper trolleys with fasteners for wood and glass doors
- 3 types of door fastener packs:
a) For wood doors 19 mm thick
b) For wood doors 36 mm thick
c) for glass doors 10 mm thick
- 2 soft-close mechanisms
- 1 floor guide for wood
- 1 floor guide for glass
- 1 aluminum running track 2.0M (78 3/4")
- 2 end caps
- 4 wall mount support brackets (wall fasteners not included)
- 1 SLIM pull handle with self-adhesive back 300 mm (11 7/8")
- Screws and fasteners for individual components only


IMPORTANT: The minimum door width including soft-close mechanism is 700 mm.
- Fasteners and anchors to the wall not included.
- Please read the entire installation manual before proceeding with installation.
- Wear safety gear such as gloves, safety glasses, safety shoes, and ear protection.
- Every fastener used to attach the track to the wall must be fastened securely into a structural surface.
- Always remove debris/dust/residue (sawdust and/or aluminum) from all tracks and guide channels using a dry cloth during installation and before operating the system.
- Never spray lubricant on this product.
- Do not exceed stated limitations and parameters. Doing so will cause early wear and performance failure, and will void the warranty.



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