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Double track with fascia

The ONWARD DOME Closet Door KIT is for two bypass sliding wood doors weighing up to 150 lbs (68 kg). Doors are top hung and run on a double aluminum track with integrated fascia suitable for door thicknesses of 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 in (35 to 45 mm). An additional hardware set can be purchased separately for three- and four-door applications. The floor guide is adjustable to various door thicknesses and guides the door from the outside. No groove is required in the bottom of the door.

- Includes hardware for 2 sliding wood doors
- A bumper mounted on the rear of one door prevents doors from bypassing too far or in the wrong direction
- Ball bearing wheels for greater durability and longevity
- Suspension plate surface mounts to the top of the door with a toolless lever release for simple door mounting
- 4 track lengths available: 48, 60, 72, and 96 in (1219, 1524, 1828, and 2438 mm)
- 3 finishes available: Anodized Gray, Satin Black Powder Coat and Satin White Powder Coat
- Includes two ring pulls that match the finish of the track
- Simple, flexible and low-cost installation

Ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional projects for use in bedrooms, offices, storage rooms and a wide range of other applications that require double tracks.
Overall Length: 48 in 60 in 72 in 96 in Finish: White Black Black Gray Gray Door Width: 15 to 26 in 26 to 32 in 32 to 38 in 38 to 50 in Select Options
Product # Overall Length Finish Door Width
89XC48W 48 in White 15 to 26 in
89XC60W 60 in White 26 to 32 in
89XC72W 72 in White 32 to 38 in
89XC96W 96 in White 38 to 50 in
89XC48B90 48 in Black 15 to 26 in
89XC48A10 48 in Gray 15 to 26 in
89XC60B90 60 in Black 26 to 32 in
89XC60A10 60 in Gray 26 to 32 in
89XC72B90 72 in Black 32 to 38 in
89XC72A10 72 in Gray 32 to 38 in
89XC96B90 96 in Black 38 to 50 in
89XC96A10 96 in Gray 38 to 50 in


- Hardware set for 2 sliding wood doors
- Includes 2 ring pulls
- Double upper track with integrated fascia
- 4 track lengths available: 48, 60, 72, and 96 in (1219, 1524, 1828, and 2438 mm)
- 3 finishes available: Anodized Gray, Satin Black Powder Coat and Satin White Powder Coat
- Simple, flexible and low-cost installation


Door Material
Door Movement
Straight Sliding
Detailed Door Movement
Track Mounting
Ceiling Mount
Load Capacity
40 to 150 lb
Door Thickness
1 3/8 to 1 3/4 in
Roller Position
Closet and Walk-In Closet, Wardrobe, Storage
Overall Height
3 1/2 in
Packaging Format
White Cardboard with Photo Label
Manufacturing Material
Aluminum, Plastic
Groove Needed for Guiding System
Overall Width
5 7/8 in
Door Installation
Top Hung
Number of Doors
Door Height
120 in


Closet and Walk-in Closet, Storage


- 4 upper 3-wheel hangers
- 4 suspension plates with lever
- 1 adjustable floor guide
- 1 double track with fascia
- 1 bumper
- 2 ring pulls
- 1 wrench
- Screws and fasteners included for individual components only


Use imperial measurements for greater accuracy during installation.
Read the entire installation manual before installing.
Always remove debris/dust/residue (sawdust and/or aluminum) from all tracks and guide channels using a dry cloth during installation and before operating the system.
Never spray lubricant on this product.
Do not exceed stated limitations and parameters. This will cause early wear and performance failure.