Terno Hide Series Sliding Wood Door Systems

Product #: WEBKIT1239644
Detailed Door Movement: Single sliding Track Mounting: Wall Mount Number of Doors: 1 Door Width: 27 1/2 to 48 in* Overall Length: 9 ft 10 in* Modify Options
Product number Detailed Door Movement Track Mounting Number of Doors Door Width Overall Length
WEBKIT1239644 Single sliding Wall Mount 1 27 1/2 to 48 in* 9 ft 10 in*
WEBKIT1239639 Biparting Ceiling Mount 2 27 1/2 to 39 3/8 in* 13 ft 1 in*
WEBKIT1239645 Biparting Wall Mount 2 27 1/2 to 39 3/8 in* 13 ft 1 in*
WEBKIT1239637 Single sliding Ceiling Mount 1 27 1/2 to 39 3/8 in* 78 3/4 in*
WEBKIT1239638 Single sliding Ceiling Mount 1 27 1/2 to 48 in* 98 3/8 in*
WEBKIT1239643 Single sliding Wall Mount 1 27 1/2 to 39 3/8 in* 78 3/4 in*


Low profile suspension plate

The Terno Hide Series is designed for straight sliding wood door systems for two doors with weight capacities of 88 lb (40 kg) and 176 lb (80 kg) each.

- Low profile suspension plate can be surface or recess mounted into the top of the door
- Retaining device to resist door bounce back
- Two types of hardware sets to choose from with different types of stoppers in the track: Option A) two dampener catch stoppers or Option B) set with one soft-close mechanism and one standard stop
- Track options for ceiling mount and direct wall mount with flange
- Choose from clip-on aluminum full length fascias or shorter clips for wood fascias
- Simple and low-cost installation

Consider using with a suggested accessory, such as the touch latch device with magnet adaptor for pocket door applications when you wish to fully retract the door into the pocket area. With a push on the door edge, the door will move forward enough for you to pull the door the rest of the way.

The Hide system is an ideal solution for pocket doors, access doors, divider doors between rooms, applications with low overhead space, and low-cost projects.


Product number
Door Material
Door Movement
Straight Sliding
Sliding Door
Weight Capacity per Door
88.2 lb*
Door Thickness
31/32 to 1 3/8 in*
Door Height
9 ft 10 in*

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


- Suspension plate can be surface or recessed mounted to the top of the door
- Track options for surface and recessed mounting to the ceiling; and wall mount track with integrated quick mount flange
- Push-N-Go touch latch device for pocket door applications



Door handles and door not included. Use a wider door opening to avoid angled views and preserve privacy. It is recommended to use a minimum door width of 27 1/2 in (700 mm) or greater for optimum performance especially when installing a soft-close mechanism. The bottom of the door requires a groove for the concealed guiding system. If selecting to add a soft-close mechanism do not choose one that is stronger than the door weight because the door will be challenging to open. When using the Push-N-Go system (for pocket door applications only), remove the stopper, dampener catch, and soft-close mechanism. These devices must operate on the opposite side of the door. Preparation: Always make sure that the product is properly attached and secured to a solid wall structure. Do not rely on wall anchors only. Solid blocking is recommended inside the wall for best support.
Terno Hide Series Sliding Wood Door Systems

Product number: WEBKIT1239644