Panels - Smooth Bark 2584

Textured embossed panels.
The depth of the textures creates a distinctive and unique play of light and shadow and an unmatched blend of look and feel.

Product # H258425721090


Product number H258425721090
Finish Black Alpi
Height 96 1/2 in*
Thickness 13/16 in*
Width 41 3/8 in*
Color Group Gray/Black
Veneer Reconstituted
Lacquered No
Collection StrukArt
Embossing Direction In the 2,450 mm Direction
Repeating Pattern No
Panel Core MDF

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For all interior surfaces: furniture units, sliding doors, cabinets, walls, exhibition booths, and more.
Panels - Smooth Bark 2584

Product number: H258425721090