Fastedge Peel & Stick PVC Edgebanding - Hard Rock Maple

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Length: 50 ft 250 ft Width: 3/4 in 15/16 in Select Options
Product number Length Width
93450992 50 ft 3/4 in
9151650992 50 ft 15/16 in
91516250992 250 ft 15/16 in


Fastedge is peel-and-stick edgebanding that works! This product is the perfect solution for field repairs, inside and outside radio, scribe tape, and countless other applications. Durable and easy to use, Fastedge is made from high-quality PVC and real wood veneers. Our high-performance, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive increases in strength as it cures, providing a long-lasting permanent bond. Available in standard widths of 3/4" and 15/16", custom widths of 1/8" to 5" in all stock colors, and custom colors up to 15/16".

How to use Fastedge around curves:

1) Peel off the backing of the Fastedge and roll onto your material using the SpeedRollerPRO.
2) Use a heat gun to bend Fastedge and form around corners.
3) You're done! Fastedge is amazing in its flexibility!


Canadian Maple
0.018 in


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Fastedge Peel & Stick PVC Edgebanding - Hard Rock Maple

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