#FLQ2861 Gray Obeche - Evolution HD Veneer

Evolution HD definition: Engineered wood products are composite wood products made from glued fiber, lumber, and/or veneer to meet specific design criteria. Knots, splits, checks and other naturally occurring wood-weakening characteristics are cut out, reducing the effect of these natural defects to a minimum. These manufacturing processes use less wood fiber to produce strong, specialized wood products.

Bulk packaging, 10 sheets per box.

Product number



Product number FI2861QJ0408RJ
Wood Species Gray Obeche
Species ID Number 2861
Cut Quarter Cut
Backing Paper, 10 mil
Manufacturer Cedan
Finish Sanded and Flex
Packaging Specifications Flat Pack
Width 48 in
Material Evolution HD
#FLQ2861 Gray Obeche - Evolution HD Veneer

Product number: FI2861QJ0408RJ