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Plywood - Russian Birch

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Thickness: 1/8 in* 1/4 in* 11/32 in* 15/32 in* 23/32 in* Width: 48 in 60 in Length: 60 in 96 in Front Grade: B BB CP Natural (B) Packaging format: Sheet Sheet Select Options
Product № Thickness Width Length Front Grade Packaging format
R462904563 1/8 in* 60 in 60 in B Sheet
R4662420563 1/4 in* 60 in 60 in CP Sheet
R4662424563 11/32 in* 60 in 60 in CP Sheet
R4662445480 15/32 in* 48 in 96 in CP Sheet
R462945563 15/32 in* 60 in 60 in BB Sheet
R462957408 23/32 in* 48 in 96 in BB Sheet
R462957480 23/32 in* 48 in 96 in Natural (B) Sheet


Russian birch plywood is a popular and versatile material. Due to its wide range of uses, it is important to understand the different levels of quality when selecting plywood since each grade has its own characteristics.


Excellent for structures
Easy to use
Used in the fabrication of furniture, shelving and wall projects
Perfect for those who love wood, and want to showcase it as an interior decorative element!
Its evenness and coloration make it suitable for applications with finished and exposed woods.


Wood Species
Russian Birch
Back Grade
5 lb
Excellent for structures
Veneer Cuts
Rotary Cut
Grade Description
BB = Repaired with Wood Biscuit
100% Hardwood

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Made with more layers than regular plywood.
This plywood offers excellent rigidity and has great stability (will not bend).
Plywood - Russian Birch
Plywood - Russian Birch
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