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Grigio Reale - Sheets

Harmony sheets are a high-quality product that provides a strong visual impact and stylish results. These sheets are available in a wide range of colors with a uniform shade, whether in an ultra-gloss or super-matte finish.

During installation, you can use:
- Clear glue (wood)
- Water-based glue
- PUR (Polyurethane)

Product #


Antibacterial Surface No
Material Acrylic
Length 110 in
Width 51 in
Thickness 1/16 in*
Collection Acrylic
Color Group Gray/Black
Color Name Grigio Reale
Product Specialization Vertical Interior Surface
Color Number M067

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.




- Highly heat resistant: will not warp, even in proximity to heat sources (e.g. stoves).
- Highly abrasion, water, and stain resistant.
- Resistant to UV rays and discoloration.
- Easy to clean.

Ultra-gloss finish
- Extremely resistant lacquered mirror effect.
- May be repolished.

Super-matte finish
- Leaves no visible fingerprints behind.
- Ultra-opaque surface.
- Chemical and stain resistant.


The 1.4 mm sheets can be used for store, living room, kitchen or bathroom furnishings, thus providing tremendous flexibility.

For normal cleaning, all glossy parts should be wiped with a soft cloth dampened with water, a "NEUTRAL" de-greasing liquid, or an anti-static product.

Do not use: acetone, trichloroethylene (TCE), ammonia or steel scouring pads, or abrasive creams that could scratch the surface.


The surface of each individual item is covered with a protective film and has a multilingual use and maintenance label.

Only remove the protective film once the product has been fully installed or processed, taking care not to allow any fingernails or sharp and abrasive objects to come into contact with the surface.

As soon as the protective film has been removed the product is still very sensitive to scratching. To harden and improve resistance, the surface should be wiped with a soft cloth and an antistatic product (e.g. "Pledge multi-surface antistatic spray" or an equivalent). Allow the product to settle for at least 24 HOURS.
Grigio Reale - Sheets

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