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Nature Plus Panel - Gavi Oak LN66

Thermal Structured Surfaces (TSS) of Nature+ by Cleaf offer an impressive range of options to create stunning custom interior spaces.

Product #


Length 110 1/2 in
Width 81 1/2 in
Cut Panel No
Material Particulate, Thermal Structured Surface (TSS)
Finish Sherwood
Texture 1 side of the panel
Color Number LN66
Color Name Gavi Oak
Color Group Taupe/Brown
Collection Sherwood
Brand Cleaf

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Nature+ panels adapt to a wide variety of vertical, horizontal and even three-dimensional configurations. For use in commercial and professional settings:

- Sliding doors
- Trade show booths
- Wall coverings
- Furniture and shelving
- Closet and cabinet doors
- Kitchens and bathroom furnishings
- Store displays and fixtures
- And much more!


- Nature+ panels by Cleaf rank among the best in the world.
- They are made in Italy using modern technologies.
- They are highly durable.
- They have deep textures.


What is a Thermal Structured Surface (TSS)?
A Thermal Structured Surface is a decorative panel pressed at high pressure with a layer of kraft paper between the board and the decorative surface. This provides increased texture depth without affecting the structure and stability of the panel, improved scratched and abrasion resistance. These boards are often referred to as TSS or a technical veneer.

Production process:
The decorative papers are treated with a 100% pure melamine resins. Placed on top of layers of kraft paper, a static press applies 75-100 kg/cm² pressure for 50 to 70 seconds.
Nature Plus Panel - Gavi Oak LN66

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