Samples - Decorative Laminates

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Material: Aluminum HPL Copper HPL Copper HPL Stainless Steel HPL Stainless Steel HPL Color Number: 6254 A212 A212 NEP A212 STO A216 A216 NEP A216 PTK A217 A217 613 A241 NEP A242 A243 A243 SEQ A243 WRZ A245 A247 A248 A248 BKE A249 A249 STO A250 473 A250 GEK A252 RST A253 BWD A350 A356 MT01 MAT MT01 STO MT03 MAT MT03 STO MT04 MAT MT04 STO MT05 MAT MT05 STO MT06 MAT MT06 STO Finish: Brushed Matte Matte Matte Polished Stone Effect Texture: 473 613 BKE BWD GEK N/A NEP PTK RST SEQ STO WRZ Select Options
Product # Material Color Number Finish Texture
DW6254SMP Aluminum HPL 6254 Brushed N/A
DWA212SMP Aluminum HPL A212 Polished N/A
DWA212NEPSMP Aluminum HPL A212 NEP Polished NEP
DWA212STOSMP Aluminum HPL A212 STO Polished STO
DWA216SMP Aluminum HPL A216 Polished N/A
DWA216NEPSMP Aluminum HPL A216 NEP Polished NEP
DWA216PTKSMP Aluminum HPL A216 PTK Polished PTK
DWA217SMP Aluminum HPL A217 Polished N/A
DWA217613SMP Aluminum HPL A217 613 Polished 613
DWA241NEPSMP Aluminum HPL A241 NEP Matte NEP
DWA242SMP Aluminum HPL A242 Matte N/A
DWA243SMP Aluminum HPL A243 Matte N/A
DWA243SEQSMP Aluminum HPL A243 SEQ Matte SEQ
DWA243WRZSMP Aluminum HPL A243 WRZ Matte WRZ
DWA245SMP Aluminum HPL A245 Brushed N/A
DWA247SMP Aluminum HPL A247 Brushed N/A
DWA248SMP Aluminum HPL A248 Matte N/A
DWA248BKESMP Aluminum HPL A248 BKE Matte BKE
DWA249SMP Aluminum HPL A249 Matte N/A
DWA249STOSMP Aluminum HPL A249 STO Stone Effect STO
DWA250473SMP Aluminum HPL A250 473 Brushed 473
DWA250GEKSMP Aluminum HPL A250 GEK Brushed GEK
DWA252RSTSMP Aluminum HPL A252 RST Brushed RST
DWA253BWDSMP Aluminum HPL A253 BWD Brushed BWD
DWA350SMP Aluminum HPL A350 Brushed N/A
DWA356SMP Aluminum HPL A356 Brushed N/A
DWMT01MATSMP Aluminum HPL MT01 MAT Matte N/A
DWMT01STOSMP Aluminum HPL MT01 STO Stone Effect STO
DWMT03MATSMP Aluminum HPL MT03 MAT Matte N/A
DWMT03STOSMP Aluminum HPL MT03 STO Stone Effect STO
DWMT04MATSMP Aluminum HPL MT04 MAT Matte N/A
DWMT04STOSMP Aluminum HPL MT04 STO Stone Effect STO
DWMT05MATSMP Aluminum HPL MT05 MAT Matte N/A
DWMT05STOSMP Aluminum HPL MT05 STO Stone Effect STO
DWMT06MATSMP Aluminum HPL MT06 MAT Matte N/A
DWMT06STOSMP Aluminum HPL MT06 STO Stone Effect STO
DWC400SMP Copper HPL C400 Velvet N/A
DWC471SMP Copper HPL C471 Hand-burnished N/A
DS299GEB32SMP Stainless Steel HPL S299 GEB Brushed GEB


2 1/2 in
1 3/4 in
1/32 in