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Lanikai Beach 429 - Sheet

Product #: MSS429A1230


Enjoy the fresh, modern, and sophisticated Trends Collection.

We provide a family of neutral colors that serve as reliable standards for a variety of environments as well as an array of innovative accents that can create impact in any interior setting.
This selection combines our best selling designs with forward-thinking options.


The MEGANITE® solid surface is homogenous. It's the same color and the same material throughout. That's why repairing scratches is so easy and why the surface will continue to look like new.


The Meganite solid surfaces are designed for interior use and have a wide range of vertical and horizontal applications.

Common design elements:
- Decorative Wall Panels and Countertops
- Displays, Signage, and Store Fixtures
- Shelves
- Restroom Vanity Tops
- Cafeterias, locker rooms, and other educational environments
- Public and commercial spaces
- And much more...


Use soap and water to wipe clean.
Ammonia-based cleaners such as glass cleaner are also a great way to give the surface a non-streak shine.
Lanikai Beach 429 - Sheet

Product number: MSS429A1230