The new colors created by Meganite to continue the Mouvement series represent a lifestyle centered around design and practicality working harmoniously to create luxurious, ultra-smart spaces. The carefully chosen colors are proven to psychologically improve your mood, and provide a sense of relaxation and serenity.


Meganite's NEW color collection empower you to achieve beautiful spaces in marble and concrete without the hassle. Cleaning and maintaining the sleek look is made easier with the hassle-free non-porous surface which limits bacteria and mold growth. The flowing veins can be seamlessly joined and thermoformed to create shapes which reduce fabrication difficulties.

Emboying the rough and strong look of concrete, the new colors maintain a subtle beauty which celebrates the fundamentals of good design: powerful aesthetics and bountiful possibilities for all spaces. Presented through different shades of grey to dramatic and dusky near-black tones. Monochromatic veins and fine particles breathe across the surface, creating a lavish and energetic look with a refined touch.

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