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Industrial Particle M2

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Thickness: 3/4 in 1 1/8 in Width: 25 in 49 in 61 in Length: 73 in 97 in 145 in Select Options
Product № Thickness Width Length
R11652597 3/4 in 25 in 97 in
R116525145 3/4 in 25 in 145 in
R11654997 3/4 in 49 in 97 in
R11656197 3/4 in 61 in 97 in
R1180480 1 1/8 in 49 in 97 in
R1180560 1 1/8 in 61 in 73 in
R1180580 1 1/8 in 61 in 97 in


Uniboard® particleboard is produced using specially bonded, top-quality wood fibers with a proprietary resin formulation giving it a smooth, dense, and non-porous surface. Perfect for laminating and machining, and easy to cut giving a clean result without chipping.


Wood, Sawdust, Resin
Fire Retardant


Residential kitchens, bathrooms, closets and storage, office furniture, store fixtures, healthcare, schools, point-of-purchase, trade show and exhibition display stands, door cores, and many more.
Industrial Particle M2
Industrial Particle M2
To buy, choose from the options.