The veneer that combines design, exoticism, originality, and consistency. Nature, one step further.
Cedan proposed a step into the future with its Evolution HD engineered wood veneer complete program. The manufacturing process that is used pushes natural wood veneer attributes a little further  by giving them a uniformed aspect from sheet to sheet. Manufactured to obtain High Definition grains and designs, the program offers you the possibility to complete multiple projects without worrying about appearance variations. Evolution HD program's classic and warm designs, as well as the more creative or exotic designs will stimulate your creativity.

Engineered wood: Manufactured with reconstituted wood veneer. Process of transformation managed by a computer system (selection, dyeing, assembly, cutting).
High Definition: High-precision reconstruction of wood grain pattern.
Consistency: Minimal variations in patterns and colors from one veneer to another.
Flexibility: Flexible product suitable for applications with curves of small radii.
Wide selection: Many choices of colors and patterns.


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