White Oak Veneer

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CEDAN genuine wood veneers are premium flat-cut veneers that have been book-matched, tenderized, pre-sanded, and carefully laminated to one of several quality backings under heat and pressure. These backings provide an impervious barrier that prevents adhesive from penetrating to the wood surface and ensures that your finishing materials do not affect the adhesive bond.

Sold unvarnished.
Cut: Flat Cut Quarter Cut Back: 2-Ply Paper 010 Paper 010 (Self-Adhesive) Paper 010 Tube PB Beige Packaging Specifications: Flat Pack Tube Width: 24 in 48 in Packaging format: Per unit Sheet Sheet Select Options
Product # Cut Back Packaging Specifications Width Packaging format
0648962 Flat Cut 2-Ply Flat Pack 48 in Sheet
06489610R Flat Cut Paper 010 Flat Pack 48 in Per unit
FS06FC0208RQ Flat Cut Paper 010 (Self-Adhesive) Flat Pack 24 in Sheet
06489610 Flat Cut Paper 010 Tube Tube 48 in Sheet
FS06FC0408RB Flat Cut PB Beige Flat Pack 48 in Sheet
3648962 Quarter Cut 2-Ply Flat Pack 48 in Sheet
36489610R Quarter Cut Paper 010 Flat Pack 48 in Sheet


Flexibility: Flexible product suitable for applications with small radius curves.
GREENGUARD Certification: Providing LEED credits for your projects
Unique and original project: Each sheet is unique with variations of patterns and colors in essence.


Basic Wood Species
White Oak
Sanded and Flex
Standards and Certifications
96 in
Real Wood