Richelieu Solid Surface Countertop Shine

Product # 921434
Solid Surface Shine is a protective cleaner and polish specially formulated for solid surface countertops. Apply weekly to condition your countertop and leave a streak-free, long-lasting shine.

Ready to use as a specialized polish for solid surface countertops.
It conditions your countertop while adding a protective barrier against spills, ring marks, etc.

To be used in conjunction with Richelieu's Solid Surface Countertop Cleaner.


- Cleans and polishes to a streak-free shine
- Leaves a protective barrier against further marks
- Safe non-scratch solution



- First wipe off any residue from the surface with Richelieu's Solid Surface Countertop Cleaner.
- Spray Solid Surface Shine lightly over the countertop.
- Use a clean and dry soft cloth to dry the surface and polish to a finish.
** Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location to ensure product suitability.