3M Aerosol Citrus-Based Cleaner

Product # 49305

Removes most dry adhesives and adhesive tape residue.

A heavy-duty cleaner that works effectively on hard-to-remove substances including grease, oils, grime, sludge, polymer compounds, and many adhesives. This unique product can be used on most painted or unpainted metals (including aluminum and stainless steel), ceramic, glass, porcelain, and many plastics. Ideal for cleaning and degreasing industrial equipment and work areas.

- Solvent-free: cleaner contains no petroleum distillates.
- Non-corrosive: with a mild pH (7.5), metal corrosion problems are minimized.
- Multipurpose: removes most dried adhesive (non-curing type), tape, and tape residue as well as cleaning and degreasing parts, work areas, walls, floors, equipment, and vehicles.
- Cleans gently: contains no caustic, acidic, or chlorinated compounds and does not damage most painted surfaces or aluminum parts.
- Fresh citrus scent: active ingredient derived from citrus oil, giving it an orange aroma.


Product #
18.5 oz