Glide/Top-Cote Lubricant

- Eliminates hang-ups on sliding surfaces.
- Protects all tools and equipment from rust.
- Up to 30% slicker than paste wax.
- Prevents rust 5 times longer than paste wax or silicone.
- Easier and quicker to apply than paste wax.
- Lasts 3 times longer than paste wax.
- Contains NO SILICONE or petroleum oil. Will not stain wood or interfere with glues or finishes.
- Perfect for table saw beds, drill presses, lathes, planers, band saws, miters, panel saws, and all hand tools.
- Environmentally safer aerosols, no CFCs or ODCs.

Product # 00027


Product number 00027
Format 10.75 oz
Brand Bostik
Glide/Top-Cote Lubricant

Product number: 00027