90 Degree Corner Clamp

Product #: 9132028


Get the helping hand you need to hold 90º corners and "T" joints together securely when you're assembling boxes, drawers, cabinets and cases. The 90º Corner Clamp leaves both of your hands free to add your fasteners as you assemble your projects.

The 90° Corner Clamp features cast-aluminum pads--an outer "V" and inner wedge--that press against the inside and outside faces of the two pieces being joined in order to hold those pieces at a 90° angle to one another. Edge stops also help align the edges of the pieces to ensure accurate assembly of structures like boxes, cabinets, drawers, and cases. Thanks to the Automaxx® auto-adjust technology, all you have to do is squeeze the clamp handles. The clamp will automatically close with the amount of pressure you have set, regardless of the material, whether you're using thin plywood for drawers, or materials up to 1" thick.


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Clamp Type
Angle Clamps
Clamping Capacity
25.4 mm*

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- Works on 90° corners and "T" joints
- Cast aluminum "V" and wedge pads
- 1" maximum thickness capacity
- Automaxx® auto-adjust technology
- Easy-to-regulate clamping pressure with thumbwheel
- Cutout allows driving a pocket-hole screw without removing clamp
- Padded, ergonomic handles
90 Degree Corner Clamp

Product number: 9132028