Solid Surface Seaming Tool

Product №: PS130
Clamping Force: 265 lb Clamping Capacity: 3 1/8 in Grip/Handle: Composite Modify Options
Product № Clamping Force Clamping Capacity Grip/Handle
PS130 265 lb 3 1/8 in Composite
PS55 48 lb 2 1/8 in Wood


The professional seaming tool eliminates the need for glue blocks when you need to clamp large workpieces together. The tool provides the proper pressure to the joint while the steel guide rods create a solid, rigid frame for supporting the cups and leveling toggles.
Twin vacuum cups for clamping non-porous solid surface material such as granite, marble or glass. The leveling keys ensure a smooth surface joint, reducing work in terms of grinding, sanding and finishing.


Product №
Clamp Type
Seaming Tools


1. Position the seaming tool across the workpieces to be glued and place glue in the seam.
2. Activate the vacuum cups to secure the tool to both surfaces and lift the vacuum lever to lock the tool to the work surface.
3. Lift the leveling toggles to level the top deck joint and compensate for any height difference between the two workplaces reducing the need for later sanding.
4. Twist the steel spindle and smoothly draw the workpieces together.