Bondic UV Polymerization Restorer

Product # 9110035
A convenient, yet powerful tool that uses a unique liquid formula which, when exposed to a special UV light, is transformed into hard plastic in just 4 seconds.

- Whether joining, filling, molding or sealing. Bondic gives you an entirely new method to "join" quickly without physical or time pressures, regardless of the surface area.
- Bondic uses innovative liquid plastic, which permanently hardens within seconds with the special UV LED (included)


- Bonds, builds, fixes & fills almost any material (plastic, metal, glass, etc.)
- Cures in just a few seconds
- Can be cured while underwater
- Can be painted after cured
- Never dries out in the tube and will only turn into plastic once exposed to the UV light
- Once cured, it can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 150°C (-40°F to -302°F)


Product #


- Safe and easy to mill, sand, polish, paint, shape, mold, cut, etc.
- Subsequent manipulation (reshape, add more or rebuild at any time)

4 steps, 4 seconds
Step 1 - Sand: For a permanent bond, create a rough surface. For a temporary bond, keep the surface smooth and clean.
Step 2 - Fill: Apply the liquid plastic to the desired area, making sure there is room for the UV light to cure.
Step 3 - Cure: The UV light will harden the liquid plastic in 4 seconds. Add layers for a stronger bond.
Step 4 - Shape: File, sand, mold and/or paint for desired results.


Kit includes two 4-gram cartridges of liquid plastic, a file and an UV LED light.