Mini Jig Kit

Product # 9132004
Model MKJKIT - The Perfect Tool for Repairs!

The single drill guide Mini Kreg Jig is Kreg's most positionable pocket hole tool. The jig is designed without an alignment fence, which allows it to be clamped to the edge of the workpiece at virtually any angle or orientation. Great in situations where a project is already assembled and in need of an extra pocket hole, and in repair applications such as tightening a chair or table leg.

- Compact, single-drill guide design allows pocket holes to be placed in the tightest areas.
- Fenceless design allows unlimited material thickness and width positioning.
- Hardened steel drill guide with lifetime warranty holds up in the most demanding applications.
- Glass-reinforced nylon jig body stands up to tough, high-impact abuse.
- Plug setting feature in bottom of tool helps to fully seat pocket hole plugs into place, saving wear and tear on your hands.


Product #
Type of Jig
For Oblique Drilling


  • Wood Screws
  • Wood Drill Bits
  • Clamps
  • Drilling Machine
  • Screw Caps and Screw Plugs


Mini Kreg Jig, 3/8" stepped drill bit, depth collar, and Allen wrench.


- Body Material: Glass-filled nylon
- Number of drill guides: 1
- Drill-guide spacings: N/A
- Clamping method: Works with a variety of common clamps or any Kreg face clamp.
- Screw centering ability: 1/2 and up
- Warranty: Drill Guide Lifetime Warranty