Half-Face Respirator Series 6000

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These half-face series 6000 respirators are the most lightweight and adjustable that you can find on the market. Manufactured with a soft, light material and offered in two convenient sizes with easy-to-adjust straps. Extremely comfortable with a low profile for a better view and the ability to wear safety glasses. No pieces to replace other than filters and cartridges-- simply replace when they reach capacity. If cleaned according to manufacturer recommendations, this respirator may be used from 20 to 30 times. Both sizes recognized by NIOSH/MSHA. Respirator comes with a convenient storage bag.

- The lightest, best-balanced respirators currently offered on the market.
- Easy-adjust straps make respirator incredibly comfortable.
- Low profile for a good view and no interference with safety glasses.
- Can be used 20 to 30 times.
- Only filters and cartridges need replacement.
- Storage bag included.

- Painting and pesticide spraying
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Product # Size Feature
9606300 Large Respirator Only
9606370 Medium Complete Kit
9606200 Medium Respirator Only


Against Certain Oily Particles
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