Portable Edgebander

The Portable Edgebander is designed for convenience, portability and affordability. It features a hot melt glue applicator for use on PVC, ABS, paper and wood veneer edgebanding that is not pre-glued.

Product # MAK03023


Product number MAK03023
Width 3 in
Brand Maksiwa
Voltage 127 V
Power 1 300 W


A spiral glue bar raises the glue from the glue pot and flows back down, similar to a fondue fountain.


Maximum edgebanding thickness of 3 mm and width of up to 3".
Features digital temperature control (adjustable from 120° to 220°C) and an electronic speed regulator.
The required glue works in the range of 150°C to 180°C.
The glue pot has a capacity of 1.5 lb, comes with 1.5 lb of glue and heats in 15 minutes.

Technical information:

Tape thickness: 0.3 mm to 2 mm (1/64" to 5/16")
Max. tape width: 3"
Feeder speed: 18 ft/min
Power: 1.300 Watts
Motor: 1 Phase
Volts/amps: 127 V - 5,9 A | 220 V - 10,2 A


- Easy and fast setup
- Precise cutting of the tape with its integrated manual cutter
- Tape support for the tape roll
- Inner guide to help align the workpiece before the glue spindle
- Tape guide to ensure the alignment of the tape and the workpiece
- Rubber spindle guides the tape onto the workpiece at a set speed
- Back rolls provide pressure points that help the bonding of the glue and the edgebanding tape
- Table guide to help move the workpiece easily over the table
- Retractable legs make it portable
- Can fit in a standard car trunk for easy transportation


Portable Edgebander

Product number: MAK03023