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3M Accuspray Atomizing Head

The innovative, transparent Accuspray replaceable atomizing head allows the user to visually confirm that the spray gun is clean. It be replaced on demand to deliver the performance of a brand new spray gun. See your paint or coating label for manufacturer's recommendations on atomizer head size.

Product #


Type Atomizing Head
Brand 3M


- Reduces primer consumption.
- Minimizes overspray.
- Boosts productivity.
- Lowers primer spraying time.
- Decreases primer sanding time.
- Reduces cleanup.
- Reduces gun cleaning time.
- Uses less solvent for cleanup.
- Decreases hazardous disposal cost.
- Improves productivity and profitability.


Use AC16611 for medium viscosity coatings such as primers, lacquers and adhesives;
AC16612 for low viscosity coatings and achieving fine atomization such as lacquers, single stage paints, polyurethanes, automotive base and clear coats and marine top coats;
3116609 for heavy body coating. Make spot repairs with gel coat, enamels and latex paints;
AC16614 and AC16615 for highest quality finishes and finest atomization. Premium performance without the complication of tedious cleaning and maintenance.


Refill kit contains 4 atomizing heads.


3M Accuspray Atomizing Head

To buy, select a product number or choose an option for Head Size option.