3M PPS Kit with Lids and Liners

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Capacity: 88.7 ml* 177 ml* 651 ml* 828 ml* Description: Large Size Micro Size Mini Size Standard Size Packaging format: Box of 25 Box of 50 Select Options
Product number Capacity Description Packaging format
3116028 88.7 ml* Micro Size Box of 50
3116114 177 ml* Mini Size Box of 50
3116000 651 ml* Standard Size Box of 50
3116024 828 ml* Large Size Box of 25


Liner to be inserted into the hard cup. The kit contains lids with 200 micron filters, liners and sealing plugs.
PPS replaces traditional mixing cups and filters and drastically reduces the amount of solvent required for gun cleaning. The liner, lid and built-in filter are all disposable, leaving only the adapter and spray gun to be cleaned. It is possible to clean your paint gun with as little as 3 ounces of solvent. With these disposable parts, shops can see a 70% savings in cleaning solvent use - meaning less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in VOCs.
Since PPS uses the same cup for mixing and spraying, there is a lower risk of outside contamination and less time spent mixing and cleaning.


Lids and Liners
Lids, Liners & Sealing Plugs

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The 200 micron filters are recommended for traditional solvent based paint or primer applications.


- Up to 70% savings in cleaning solvent.
- Only one PPS cup for mixing and spraying.
- Closed system, no outside contamination.
- Faster system, from mixing to disposal.
- Less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in VOC's.
- Spray gun functions at any angle.


3M PPS Kit with Lids and Liners

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