High Output Pressure Cup and Collar

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3116121 6 oz Mini Size
3116124 28 oz Large Size


This pressure cup for H/0 SPAP 3M spray guns is intended for use in place of Accuspray 3M metal cups. The H/O SPAP spray gun pressure cup is designed for thick liquids with high viscosity that must be passed through gravity application systems.

The PPS paint preparation system is cleaner, faster and safe from outside contamination. Saves considerable time and solvent while gun cleaning as it eliminates need for traditional mixing cups since the same container (disposable liner) is used for mixing and spraying. Leftover paint can be stored for later use without remixing. Range of cup and liners enables the painter to mix only the desired amount of paint required for a particular job. Paint gun can spray at any angle, including upside down. Internal vacuum within the liner allows the container to collapse around the paint, so there is always pressure on the nozzle.


Pressure Cup
High-Pressure Cups & Collars


- You can reach a 70% savings in the amount of cleaning solvent that is required, as well as the amount of gun-cleaning time that is required so the PPS system improves work efficiency by 15%.


- Liner and lid are fully disposable, leaving only the adapter and spray gun to be cleaned.
- Disposable and sealable cups can store unused (pre-mixed paint) for easy and fast reuse.
- Different adapters allow painters to use the system with virtually any spray gun.


- 3/8-in female, 18 Thread NPS adapter is for siphon-fed and most high-pressure spray guns.


High Output Pressure Cup and Collar

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