M22 HTiG Spray Gun-HVLP

The manual M22 G HVLP paint spray gun is THE gravity-fed gun solution to tackle material loss issues. Moreover, it delivers a very high finish quality for low viscosity materials while providing great operator comfort.

Product # 136131104


Product number 136131104
Type Gravity
Transfer Type HVLP
Orifice 1.5 mm (0.06")
Using Glue Waterborne, Solventborne
Features Cup: HDPE 0.6 l (20.2 oz) Gray, Nozzle Size: 1.5 mm (1/16"), Projector Type: 15 E5 K HVLP
Brand Sames Kremlin


- Reduced trigger pull lowers the potential for operator injury from long-term use
- Stainless steel wetted parts compatible with most coatings
- Unique aircap design for significant product savings and environmental protection
- Fine thread packing unit and fine packing adjustment for improved sealing
- Easy adjust aircap allows adjustment without loosening the retaining ring
- Fewer components for simplified maintenance and easy repair
- One of the best transfer efficiencies (up to 76%)
- Very fine atomization for low viscosity material
- Reduced overspray and perfectly balanced fan


- Sprayed materials: virtually all coatings
- Body of the gun: anodized forged aluminum
- Maximum air inlet pressure: 6 bars (87 psi)
- HVLP compliant inlet air pressure: 2 bars (29 psi)
- Air consumption: 27.2 m3/h at 2 bars (16 ft3/min at 29 psi)
- Weight (with cup): 680 g (24 oz)
- Maximum fluid temperature: 50 °C (122 °F)
- Transfer efficiency: 76%
- Nozzle: stainless steel
- Needle: stainless steel
- Wetted parts: stainless steel/aluminum

- Air inlet: M 1/4" NPS (+ M 1/4" BSP)


M22 HTiG Spray Gun-HVLP

Product number: 136131104