Quick Support Rod

Product # T74490
This quick support rod features a strong EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam grip to hold the rod under wet working conditions.
It comes with tiltable rubber pads that are helpful for different applications.
Weight load: 132 lb (60 kg) at 90° and 44 lb (20 kg) at 65°
Extension: 81 1/8 to 159 in* Width: 43/64 in Modify Options
Product # Extension Width
T74490 81 1/8 to 159 in* 43/64 in
T74505 29 7/8 to 53 7/8 in* 1/3 in
T74500 63 to 120 in* 1 43/64 in


- EVA foam grip enables better hold on rod under wet working conditions
- Patented built-in push lock pin system on extension tubes that is proven and secured for safety measures
- Versatile tiltable rubber pads adjust to different applications at home or on jobsites
- Articulating gripper pads


Product #

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


- Drywall and ceiling installation
- Dust containment barriers
- Installing moldings, undermount sinks, and cabinetry
- Temporary barriers and supports
- Support a laser lever, camera, or work light


How to use the quick support rod:

1. Ensure the locking pin is in the open position extending from the left side of the rod
2. Bottom pad flat and secure
3. Press and hold the locking latch open while pulling out rod extension
4. Pull to desired height
5. Once stable, ensure locking latch is secured in a slot
6. Slide locking pin to the right to prevent accidental pressing of latch
7. Fine-tune the tension by turning the rod clockwise to tighten
8. Latch is locked
9. To take the rod down, loosen the tension by twisting the rod counter-clockwise
10. Shift locking pin to open position
11. Depress the locking latch and lower the rod extension back into the rod body