Maxpro In-Line Lubricator - 1/4" NPT

Product №: 913562108


Automatically lubricates a tool by feeding a measured amount of oil mist each time the tool is cycled. When stationary lubricators are not available, these mini in-line oilers provide an excellent oil source while adding only 2" length to any tool. Clear plastic reservoir makes oil supply visible.

- Maximum pressure: 150 PSI
- Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI
- Working temperature: 32 °F to 125 °F (0 °C to 52 °C)
- Input ports (F) NPT: No swivel
- Output (M) NPT: Swivel


- Keeps air-operated hand tools working better and longer
- Provides the instant oil flow that is critical to time-cycled air tools such as staplers and nailers
- Attaches directly to the air tool inlet
- An effective alternative to larger, more costly units that may not deliver lubricant to the tool due to excessive hose length