3rd Hand Set: Upper Hand/Roller/Tripod System

Product # 919064
Set of 3 pieces:

- Upper Hand levelers:

This is the latest version of our highly successful 3rd Hand product. We listened to our customers, and the consensus was to make a 3rd Hand specifically for installing upper cabinets when base cabinets are not yet installed. Stop the struggle-- your back will love you!

12" roller top:
- Stainless steel support roller is ideal for both heavy wood and metal stock.
- 12-inch-wide roller uses precision ball bearings for smooth movement.
- Can be used with the Little, Upper, and 3rd Hand.
- Supports up to 150 pounds.

Tripod system features:
- Folds down to a conveniently compact size
- Adjustable height of up to 5"
- Non-marring feet
- Works with Upper Hands, 3rd Hands, and EMT

Great for:
- Magnetic Laser Mount
- Supporting lumber and piping for cutting
- Use with planers, shapers, miter saws and table saws
- Freestanding Upper Hands, 3rd Hands, and EMT


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