12 Essentials For Designing The Ultimate Home Office Space


No commute, a calmer environment, no distractions from co-workers. Working from home has its benefits, and with the right workspace setup, you can enjoy all the conveniences of your office right in the comfort of your home.


Richelieu offers a wide array of home office solutions from sit/stand desk legs to decorative worktop surfaces and accessories to storage ideas to help you build the perfect work-from-home oasis. Find all the essentials you need to create the perfect functional, stylish and ergonomic at-home office.


The Sit/Stand Desk


Our height-adjustable desks give you the flexibility of working either sitting or standing. They provide many health-related benefits, and a number of recent studies indicate these desks dramatically decrease chronic back pain caused by prolonged sitting. The UNITE Height Adjustable Table Base can be adjusted electronically from 27 to 45 inches with the push of a button, allowing you to alter your desk’s height in seconds.

Beautiful Decorative and Worktop Surfaces


Give your work area an office aesthetic with a beautiful worktop made from our selection of gorgeous melamine panels. The best worktop surfaces feature as little texture as possible, and while natural wood has traditionally been the favorite choice for desks, it requires proper care and can often be expensive. Today, a vast selection of exquisite, high-quality melamine and TFL panels are well-suited to modern home offices, giving your worktop a striking contemporary look.

Adjustable Keyboard Trays


Using an adjustable keyboard tray is an efficient way to keep your body relaxed and in good posture while you work. Our keyboard tray turns any fixed-height desk into an ergonomic workstation in an instant, allowing people of different heights to use standard desks simply by raising or lowering the keyboard tray. An adjustable keyboard tray can dramatically improve the ergonomic positioning of your arms and hands, reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and fatigue, and help you work more comfortably in your home office.

Adjustable Monitor Arms


Our monitor arms let you adjust the height and angle of your monitor, creating the ideal position that conforms to your body and maximizes your efficiency. They offer a number of major advantages to anyone who works long hours at a desk. They relieve strain in your neck, shoulders and back caused by hunching over an improperly positioned monitor. By letting you find the perfect height and distance from the screen, they help eliminate computer eye strain. And since they leave virtually no desktop footprint, they help organize and streamline the work space on your desk.

Convenient USB Charging Stations


Although most people don’t think about it when organizing their workspace, a USB charging station is an important and convenient necessity in today’s at-home office. Our charging stations include high-speed ports (2.4 A or 5 A) because their higher power output charges your devices much faster. The best locations for a USB charging station are on, in or under your desk.

Desk Grommets and Wire Management Grills


Our desk grommets are designed to cover the sharp edges on wood, metal and glass desk cutouts, allowing your computer and phone wires to pass through your working area without becoming damaged or cut. Richelieu also offers cable-hiding solutions, such as cable tidies and covers, that are ideal for sorting out messy office cords. It's easiest is to include desk grommets and wire management grills in the initial design of your at-home workspace. That way, you’ll protect your cables and wires from day one while keeping your office uncluttered and safe.

Acoustic Panels


Offices are naturally noisy environments, and depending on factors such as your office’s location and the presence of children in the house, your at-home workspace might not have as much peace and quiet as you imagined. Installed on walls, ceilings and partitions around desks, acoustic panels can dampen noise, eliminate echo and blend in with the room’s décor. Available in a variety of shapes and configurations including vertical and horizontal panels, our acoustic panels offer the perfect solution to keeping your at-home office quiet, calm and conducive to work.

Movable Walls and Sliding Systems


If you don’t have the luxury of setting up your home office in a separate room, you won’t be able to close the door and leave it behind at the end of the day. But no matter where your home workspace is, you can still enjoy that leaving-the-office experience with our movable walls and innovative sliding systems suitable for any nook, corner or unused closet in your home. Since these spaces are already out of the way, they’re easy to hide with sliding solutions that effectively separate your office from your home life.

Furniture Locks


When you’re dealing with confidential information and important documents, security is the main priority in any office—including your at-home workspace. Our products include reliable office furniture locks for cabinets and desk drawers, protecting your most critical and confidential paperwork. No matter the location or setup of your home office, our durable locks give you the peace of mind of knowing that your important work-from-home items and documents are always safe and secure.

Pull-out Table Mechanisms


Create an extra work surface instantly with solutions like our OPLA-TOP +39 or our extendible work surface solutions NAXO and T-ABLE XL. OPLA-TOP +39 supports a surface from 17 to 47 inches wide and extends 15 inches, while NAXO and T-ABLE XL consist of heavy-duty slides that can be pulled out manually to create a peninsula tabletop. When you are finished working, these extendible surfaces can be slid under the top surface like a closing drawer. No matter what size your at-home office is, you have more room than you think!

Furniture Legs and Casters


Like the furniture in a traditional office, the furniture in your home office creates an environment of attractive comfort and adds versatility to boost your productivity. Regardless of the style or décor you choose for your at-home office, Richelieu has a wide selection of table legs, furniture legs and casters to suit any application, striking a perfect balance between eye-catching design and efficient functionality.

Lighting Solutions


Lighting is an essential ingredient in any home office. Rather than relying only on a traditional desk lamp that takes up valuable desk space, Richelieu recommends multiple lighting solutions. Consider our discreet cabinet lighting systems to add a comfortable ambiance to your workspace while relying on adjustable task lighting to reduce eye strain and boost productivity. New lighting can make you more productive and happier in your workspace, and multiple sources of light bring new life to any at-home office, making it easier to see and work.

For these and other innovative solutions to enhance your work-from-home experience, see all our home office solutions at Richelieu.com.