With these organization solutions, you can turn any bathroom into a more functional and efficient space that is easier to use and simpler to keep organized, thereby making the morning routine run smoothly when getting ready to face the day ahead.



The BANIO Modular Organizer is a U-shaped drawer system for bathroom vanities. The cut-out shape in the back circumvents the plumbing concealing it from view while improving the functionality of the vanity drawer.


Add the translucent Acrylic Storage Containers as drawer dividers to keep contents tidy and make things easy to find. The containers keep the interior of the drawer looking light and airy. They can be rearranged however wanted and then clipped into place to prevent them from moving around.

The ESSENSA Pull-out Drawers have a minimalist design with a modern white finish. These stylish cabinet pull-out drawers allow easy and quick access to items. They are mounted on a single extension slide featuring a damped self-closing mechanism for a smooth operation.


The compact design of the ESSENSA Tilting Waste Bin makes it easy to conceal inside a cabinet and off the floor. The tilting motion allows for easy access when you need it while keeping contents tucked away when you don't.


Medicines can alos be safely locked away in the ESSENSA Medicine Cabinet to protect young children from gaining access to harmful medications.

Keep hairstyling tools organized and easy to reach with a rack installed on the inside of the cabinet door. The Bracket for Hair Dryer has two metal containers and a backing that is easier installed with screws.


Likewise, the Bracket for Scale allows you to store a scale off the floor and hidden away in a cabinet hanging from a bracket on the inside of a cabinet door, so it’s always within reach but out of sight.


Just like in kitchens, drawer dividers help keep make-up and beauty supplies organized and easy to find. Use the Insert for Vanity Drawer in a classic color for exceptional organization.


Richelieu makes your life easier with essential organization solutions to turn any bathroom into an efficient and clutter-free space that helps save time and reduce stress.