The Combination Shelf System comes in handy when you’re in the heat of the action; the top shelf acts as regular storage for spices or condiments while the bottom shelf temporarily holds your serving plates, bowls, or utensils until you’re ready to eat. When it’s time to serve, pull the bottom shelf up to close it and your stored items stay out of sight.

These Shimau solutions reflect the Japanese philosophy of an intelligent use of space and a place for everything in the home. By providing innovative space management systems that optimize accessibility and square footage, Panasonic is meeting the dynamic space-saving needs of today's homeowner.
Panasonic Canada Inc. and Richelieu Hardware have partnered to bring Panasonic storage and organization solutions to the North American market. The space-saving 3-in-1 Combination Shelf System mounts under the cabinet and can hold frequently used items such as spices. The top shelf features open storage while the bottom shelf pops out to hold additional items when in use. The shelves can be stowed away when not in use. The handles serve as towel or utensil racks.