Storage ingredients and cooking utensils in a practical and efficient way with this pull-out system.

Richelieu presents Cooking Agent - Cooko
Ideal for preparation and cooking zones in kitchens, this modular design system helps you keep well-organized and ready at hand frequently used tools and ingredients.

This space-saving system consists of a base with a wire structure where you can clip-on elements from storage knives, condiments and more. Cooko has a space for everything; spices, oils, sauces, a chopping board, even plates and bowls.


The bottom-mount slides on the base and opens to full extension and features a smooth gliding action and stability so contents are kept safe. In addition it has SoftStoppPlus damping to ensure a soft stop when closing.

All clip-on plastic elements are removable and dishwasher safe. Storage racks and containers are made of food-safe, easy-care materials and can be easily detached, cleaned and rearranged.

Once you try it, you won't know how you organized your Kitchen without it!