If we’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s how adaptable we are. We turned living rooms, kitchen islands, and dining tables into places for virtual learning, Zoom meetings, and work. Family members vied for quiet spots to work and go to school. Finding space within a household to take a meeting, unfurl the yoga mat or study for class became necessary.


These lifestyle changes taught us how to reorganize our space and how furnishings can serve multiple purposes in our homes. Taking cues from how we adapted in this time, Richelieu’s selection of Smart Living® products offers a wide range of functional, flexible, and aesthetic solutions to help you maximize space, keep things organized and transform your home.






Our unique innovations introduce simple and elegant concepts into your daily routine that combine design, convenience, and space efficiency. Versatile products that pull out, pull down, swivel, slide, and fold help create multifunctional furniture serving more than one purpose. A pull-out table can become a dining table, coffee table, or workspace, opening up additional space during mealtime preparation, homework after school, or get-togethers.


Both a hub for your family’s daily routines and a transition between the kitchen and other rooms, kitchen islands with retractable panels can function as an additional work area, a kitchen table, and much more. Consider using folding or sliding doors to hide a kitchen or entertainment area to create room separation for different activities.


Needing only a few easy maneuvers to convert, even a foldaway bed can transform into an ergonomic office with a work table, offering the perfect two-in-one option. Some models also fold up into a decorative shelving unit.


In addition to multifunctional convenience, Richelieu’s Smart Living® products offer a wide range of storage solutions for every room in the house. Our bed with a double piston mechanism provides easy access to extra storage space under the mattress in the bedroom. For the kitchen, we deliver a whole range of solutions for storage and enhanced organization, such as sliding pantry shelves or pull-out solutions allowing easy access into blind corners.


Waste and recycling management is simple, with pull-outs including different bin sizes and efficient arrangements for compostable, recyclable, and other household waste. These bins can also double as storage for cleaning products, pet food, or other supplies.


From essential shelving and sliding baskets to hooks, rods, and shelf supports, our storage products help optimize every inch of your kitchen, closet, bedroom, living room, and office. Convenient, adjustable, and flexible, they are made to customize storage spaces down to the last detail, and their eye-catching style lets them blend seamlessly with any interior design detail.