Frameless Glass Pool Enclosures


A beautiful frameless glass pool enclosure puts the finishing touch on the picturesque scene you’ve created, affording both privacy and safety without sacrificing great design and eye-appeal. 

When it comes to designing the idyllic swimming oasis, a frameless glass pool enclosure is the perfect safety barrier allowing a pleasing and clear overall view of the pool and backyard making it easy to monitor children at all times.


Many state and provincial laws require enclosures to be placed around swimming areas, making frameless glass pool enclosure an excellent choice for glaziers, contractors and builders for home construction, multi-family apartments, condos and hotels across the United States and Canada.


Richelieu’s frameless glass pool enclosure hardware is engineered for National Building code of Canada requirements and works perfectly with premium quality1/2 in thick (10 -12 mm) clear tempered safety glass panels 48 in high, in widths from 8 in to 65 in (200 mm to 1650 mm), in compliance with the North American (Canada / USA) safety glass requirements.


Made of Duplex 2205 marine grade stainless steel, Richelieu’s frameless glass pool enclosure components feature a higher corrosion resistance in environments with high levels of chlorine and humidity perfect for warm and cold climates.


To suit the look of any design project, all hardware is available in brushed stainless or matte black.


Our frameless glass pool enclosure hardware can easily be tailored to fit any pool, patio or deck application to make sure your pool is safely enclosed, without detracting from the aesthetics.





Adjustable Glass Mounting Spigots are available in 4 models to suit almost every possible mounting requirement for glass panels 12 to 17.52 mm thick (15/32 in to 11/16 in). The clean architectural lines create a unique facade, providing a very cost-efficient modern solution for structural glass railings. The no-glass-drilling system allows the glass to be easily adjusted using the pressure on the screws to ensure a perfect installation every time and results in a stronger, more reliable system.


  • Made of Duplex 2205 marine grade stainless steel

  • Higher corrosion resistance

  • Higher strength

  • Offered in Top Mount, Side Mount, and Edge Mount Models



Our child-safe gate latches ensure the gate is secure by locking with either a key or a side pull. The magnetic function of the latch is a safeguard that guarantees it will always continue to work as magnets don’t “de-magnetize” over time. Latches are available for glass-to-glass mount or glass to wall mount.



Our Soft-Close Hinges are designed to spring back and absorb shocks every time from any position, whether fully or partially open to ensure glass gates never slam closed. Hinges are available for glass-to-glass mount or glass to wall mount, with adapters available for post mounting if necessary. 


Glass panels can be connected to either another glass panel or to a concrete wall, depending on the enclosure design.



Glass connectors are designed to connect two glass panels of a safety glass barrier around a pool or patio. Made of stainless steel, these connectors are ideal for all indoor and outdoor glass guardrail projects, such as staircases and balustrades. These adjustable connectors allow precise angles to better adapt to your barrier design or natural relief. Its modern and streamlined design provides a clear and open view by minimizing visual obstructions.


  • 90° Glass to Wall Connector

  • 90° Glass Connector

  • 180° Glass Connector

  • Adjustable Angle Glass Connector