Good Closet Lighting is Always in Style


Lighting is not only a functional element in a closet, it can also make the space more visually interesting. Depending on what function the lighting is to serve, whether ambient, task or accent, consider several different options from tapes, pucks, and luminaires with or without infrared for controlling the light.

Puck lighting is great for providing the needed ambient light. It can also serve as accent lighting under a shelf or for highlighting favorite items.


Tape lights with profiles are a popular choice as they provide low-wattage lighting and can really illuminate even the darkest space. Consider running a length of tape light down a vertical panel. No matter your preference, all types of lighting will modernize the look of a closet space.

How you want to control the light is key as well. Vega II and III are rechargeable and can last up to four months between charges. The USB battery powered Leddy light allows light to flow in a few colors, is touch operated and very sleek so no need to worry about cords. These light options are especially convenient if outlets are not available.

Light color is a matter of personal preference and the colors and materials in your space. Cool white light is more bluish and works great in a contemporary styled space. If you are building white closets with glossy surfaces, white light will brighten the color of the materials and everything in that space.


Warm white light is more yellow and will bring out the grain in the wood. Neutral white light works with all colors of material and makes it easier to distinguish between colors. Also, think about your own skin tone and how that lighting will show on you, and if you are looking for a true to color lighting option.