SMART LIVING®: The Art of Organizing Your Space

A smart approach to optimizing living spaces big and small with style


Richelieu’s SMART LIVING® concept allows you to optimize any living environment at home, at the office, and in hotels and restaurants with multifunctional and ergonomic solutions to make them more versatile and comfortable for everyday well-being. New innovative systems and mechanisms are being developed to revolutionize how we use space. From adaptable multi-purpose furniture to shared household storage, these solutions help optimize living spaces, increase their functionality and keep things organized, all without sacrificing comfort and elegant design. 


When function meets design, you can optimize every inch of kitchens, closets, bedrooms, living rooms, and offices with functional solutions that blend beautifully with any interior design style.
These simple solutions can impact your designs, improving a homeowner’s well-being and comfort for years. 


Make it easy to go from day to night with new foldaway bed mechanisms


For maximum space versatility, a foldaway bed is a must. Commonly known as a Murphy bed, this next generation of folding bed systems operates with pistons for easy and safe opening and closing. Designed with wood slats, they can house a 12-inch thick mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The bed occupies the middle of a room by night, promising a restful night’s sleep. By day, it folds away into a desk or sofa, freeing up plenty of space and converting it into a study or living room. This is a quick and convenient way to adapt a room to changing needs. Add some floating shelves on either side and additional storage and night tables.


Also ideal for blended families with multiple children that share custody between two homes. 

Create versatile living spaces to suit your needs with table mechanisms


To be used as needed, a pull-out table in a kitchen can quickly transition into an additional work surface or dining table. In a bedroom closet or laundry room, a pull-out table can be a temporary surface for folding clothes before they get put away. In a child’s bedroom or a hobby area, a pull-out table becomes a convenient temporary craft table or a place to do homework. When not in use, they’re easily tucked away into a drawer-size space until next time. 




Maximize space with clever storage and organization


Maximize the inside of a cabinet or drawer with storage accessories that keep contents organized with various compartments and make them easily accessible by bringing the contents out to you. These accessories offer an added design element and are practical while keeping surfaces clutter-free to make the space feel larger. 

Save space with pocket and sliding doors


A regular hinged door takes up a lot of space. A pocket door or a barn door sliding system can save space in a micro-living unit. Such a feature serves as a design and functional element since the door panels can be made from almost any material. The same can be said of hinged cabinet doors. 



Richelieu’s SMART LIVING® concept allows you to optimize any living environment at home, at the office, and in commercial applications such as a hotel and restaurant using multifunctional and ergonomic products to make them more versatile and comfortable.