Laundry Room Storage & Organization 

8 ideas to create a more functional laundry space


When it comes to laundry room storage and organization, Richelieu has you covered! Simple additions like custom cabients and shelving, countertops, pull-out laundry baskets, closet rods and ironing boards can make all the difference, transforming a plain old laundry room into a highly functional and stylish laundry space.  See some of our hightlighted products and get designing! 

Make Sorting Easier


Pull-out laundry hampers are a  great way to help you sort your laundry by color and fabric type with ease.  You wouldn't want to wash items  with zippers and buttons with knits and delicates!

Incorporate Machines Into Your Cabinets


Building your machines into the cabinetry will help create a more elevated and stylish look.  Be sure to include lots cabinets and drawers to keep all your must-haves within reach. There are many options available for creating a beautiful custom laundry room. 

Install a Pull-Out Ironing Board


A pull-out ironing board is very  easy to set up for quick, last minute touches to an outfit. The best part is that you can keep it discretely tucked away behind a drawer front when it's not in use. 

Build a Countertop


Installing a countertop over your front-loading machines will give you plenty of space to store laundry essentials and fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer.

Install a Wall-Mounted Drying Rack


Consider a wall-mounted drying rack in the empty space above your washer and dyer to hang clothes to dry and keep them wrinkle-free.

A wall-mounted drying rack gives you the option of keeping it closed when it's not in use. 

Space-Saving Storage Solutions Abound


Whether you have a large or small space for your laundry room, there's a solution available for storing laundry products, keeping laundry hampers out of the way and properly folding clean clothes.  Use a mix of drawers and pull-out shelves to help you stay organized. 

Attach a Closet Rod


Even if you have counter space in your laundry room, you may want to hang a closet rod between two cabinets for hanging clothes to dry or for using a garment steamer.

Hidden Step Stool


A step stool can be very practical for reaching high storage cabinets. Our foldaway step stools can be easily hidden away between your washer and dryer or in the toe kick for quick and easy access.