Create the right mood with the right lighting in the right place


There’s essential lighting in the bathroom for taking care of life’s daily functions and there’s creative lighting that sets the right mood for relaxing and enjoying your bathroom experience.



Large or small, every bathroom can benefit from the right type of lighting and be made to feel like a luxurious spa retreat. As you would do in a kitchen, you want to layer the different types of lighting to illuminate areas like the vanity and shower, for example.

Task Lighting
Most people use their bathroom to get ready for their day in the morning. When applying makeup, shaving, or fixing your hair, you do not want to see any shadows. The best way to avoid this is by illuminating the vanity mirror by placing wall-mounted fixtures on either side of the mirror at eye level. This creates cross illumination. It’s recommended to use 10 to 20 watts of LED light per fixture in a master bath, and 10 to 15 watts of LED per fixture in a powder room.


Accent Lighting
You may want to add some accent lighting like a beautiful chandelier over your fancy claw foot tub. This creates a lovely focal point and helps to define the character of the space you want to luxuriate in.


Toe Kick Lighting
Running a strip of LEDs underneath base cabinets provides soft illumination at night and allows you to navigate the bathroom in the middle of the night without making your eyes tear.



Dimmer Switches
Adding dimmers is a great way to control the level of lighting and set the right mood in the space. You may want and need the extra brightness when getting ready in the morning but want to turn it down low when planning on a nice relaxing bath.


Docking drawers
Create a functional and organized bathroom space by integrating outlets into vanity drawers. Safely power and stow hair dryers, styling tools and other accessories, keeping countertops clear and devices plugged in and at the ready. Our outlets come with interlocking safety features that cut power when surrounding temperatures exceed set standards and are ETL listed for use in the US & Canada.