Richelieu makes your life easier with its NEW WIFI LED LIGHTING APP



You can control the lights through our app or voice-control devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. You can already turn on or off lights and adjust their color, brightness, and lighting mode through a remote device. Now the Richelieu WIFI LED application allows you to do this with your mobile device.

Android and IOS compatible

The greatest advantage of smart LED lights is convenience

The Richelieu WIFI LED application allows for voice command with Amazon ALEXA and Google Assistance, meeting the needs of today’s smart

homes. You can set a timer for the lights to turn on or off automatically, so that you won’t have to worry about remembering to switch them off

when leaving home or facing total darkness when returning. You can also turn on the strip lights using your phone to make it seem as if someone

is at home.

The Richelieu WIFI LED application works with all Micro24V and tunable white lights


The RICHELIEU WIFI LED application allows for Wi-Fi network control over the X-DRIVER and X-DRIVER TW (Tunable White) devices equipped with the WI-FI control module (CM4-XD or CM4-XD TW). Wherever you are, with RICHELIEU WIFI LED and a simple touch you can switch on or off and control the brightness of all lights connected to X-DRIVER devices and adjust the colour temperature of Tunable White lights connected to X-DRIVER TW devices.

The Richelieu WIFI LED application is intuitive and simple to use


Switch on and off all connected lights and adjust their intensity and color with a simple touch!

To do so, however, you must have an account, and all your devices must be linked to it. To start, your smartphone must be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, then the application will ask you to enter your Wi-Fi network password and will search for the devices. Once you have selected the devices, you will be able to save them and rename them (for example, Kitchen Lights, Bathroom Lights, etc.).

Our WIFI products give you unlimited and simultaneous control over multiple devices


  • You can control multiple devices in different rooms: the Richelieu WIFI LED application allows you to group individual devices, associating them with the room in which they are installed and, with a simple touch, switch them on and adjust them simultaneously

  • You can adjust the intensity of the light and, with the Tunable White, the color of the light – choose warm, cool, or natural colors

Voice control


The 30 and 60-watt X-DRIVER and X-DRIVER TW devices equipped with the Wi-Fi control module (CM4-XD or CM4-XD TW) can be interfaced with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Google Nest’s voice-assistance devices. The Richelieu WIFI LED allows you to use voice commands to switch the lights in your home on or off while sitting comfortably on the sofa. You can configure your devices and control them by calling them by name and asking them to adjust the brightness or even the tone of the light.

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