Make Life Easier with a Pull-Out Waste and Recycling System


Effectively managing household waste is more challenging than ever. Paper, plastic, glass, metal, and organic waste all need to be sorted into separate containers. How do we manage this new reality where each type of refuse needs its own bin?


Pull-outs are the ultimate solution for managing household waste and recycling


Instead of using a traditional waste bin for your rubbish, upgrade to a sophisticated waste management system. These systems with multiple bins that slide out of the cabinet make it easy to sort rubbish, recycling, and compost. Some systems have the added benefit of a lid to help control odors. Having your entire waste management system in one reachable area helps make recycling and composting much easier, so why not switch to a pull-out waste and recycling solution?


In fact, according to the 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, a pull-out waste or recycling system is the No. 1 storage solution requested by homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen.


Here’s why…

They are practical 


There are many types of pull-out waste systems. You don’t always have to put your waste bin under the sink! Some attach to cabinet doors with slides at the bottom of the cabinet, making the bin easily accessible in one smooth movement. Pulling the bins out toward you instead of reaching in to open a bin inside a hinged cabinet door is a simpler, more ergonomic movement. Plus, the bigger bins in our slide-out systems mean fewer trips to empty the trash.


Take the concept to the next level by locating your pull-out waste system below the area where you usually chop your fruits and veggies, or better yet, integrate a trash chute directly into your countertop. It will be easy to sweep scraps into the chute, saving time and steps for a more pleasant and efficienct everyday cooking experience. 


Wide drawer systems can conceal multiple bins to allow you to sort rubbish, organic waste, plastic, and paper recycling.

They look great


Concealing bins inside a cabinet keeps the kitchen looking clutter-free and tidy. You don’t have to look at a messy freestanding bin or struggle with a tiny, seemingly-always-full can tucked under the sink.


Pull-out systems can also be seamlessly integrated into the look of your cabinetry since they can be mounted to a door front, bringing some great contemporary functionality to very traditional or transitional styled kitchens. No one will guess where your waste and recycling are hidden! 


To top it all off, these systems are now offered in several colors to harmonize with the inside of your cabinets as well! Whatever your design preference, there’s a perfect system for every style of kitchen.  



They are more hygienic


Aside from being practical and more aesthetic, pull-out waste and recycling systems are much more hygienic than traditional open-view waste bins. Having the waste contained in a concealed bin with a lid helps to protect you and your family from exposure to potentially harmful bacteria.


Moreover, some systems can be equipped with sensors for hands-free opening, which means you don’t even need to pull the handle to bring out the bins. This is another convenient advantage, especially when your hands are full!

They are easy to manage


Once the system is in place, the plastic bins can easily be taken out and washed, making everyday sorting easy to manage.


Choose the right system by taking into accoutn the height, width, and depth available in your cabinet. Have a professional measure your cabinet precisely and install the unit to ensure it operates smoothly.


Waste is a fact of life that everyone needs to find a way to manage. A pull-out system with multiple bins is a great value-added option for any kitchen remodel. It adds flexibility and convenience and improves aesthetics, making life easier every day.