Dark wood, iron and leather stains have always been basic elements of the rustic style. However, today, we give it more light and space and call it "rustic chic", a nice blend of old and new, industrial and rétro, with a timeless attractiveness in which the natural and rustic dominate.

In keeping with the need for light and space in the new rustic style, Richelieu offers a
rustic range of hardware and sliding doors in several models to please everyone. Use them to separate a double room or as closet, pantry and cupboard doors or to replace any interior door.
Continuing this timeless trend where rustic warmth is coupled with fashionable interiors, Richelieu offers a full collection of rustic pulls and knobs.
The warmth of the rustic style accentuates paneling, wood, brick or stone walls in natural stains or off-white paints reminiscent of chalk. Barn wood is experiencing a new wave of popularity and the selection offered by Richelieu has different colors and attractive designs, just like paneling which also has this much sought after warmth. 


Take a look at our two brochures! You'll be surprised by the ease of installation of our sliding systems and thrilled by the models available!