Through our years of expertise and our solid understanding of market demands, Reliable, a division of Richelieu, has developed a high-performance line of screws dedicated to increasing productivity. Our new screws for assembly, installation, structural, melamine work, fine trimming, and much more, provide woodworkers with the ultimate in assembly speed and superior holding power.



· Zinc-plated steel for durability and strength
· Coarse thread, sharp point for smooth and easy penetration into material


Suitable for all types of wood, MDF, plywood, and particleboard

Tired of wood splitting? Meet our new screws 



No more wood splitting!

The perfect high-quality assembly screw, designed for powerful drilling with no pre-drilling required, for a perfect finish every time in no time. 


- Features a self-drilling TEK® point and an ultra-performance hybrid coating on a fine-tipped thread to prevent wood splitting

- The square drive enables a solid and adjustable fit while the self-countersinking flat head with nibs offers a flush finish

Suitable for solid wood, hardwood, MDF, and particleboard.

2. CAB
Superior holding power


A superior cabinet installation screw featuring an oversized, flat, self-tapping head with nibs. Has four times the holding power of a conventional screw and sits perfectly flush with the surface.

- Available with a self-drilling point, either Type 17 or TEK®

- Features an oversized flat head with four times the holding power

- The perfect fit for Fastcap's peel and stick 9/16 in (14 mm) screw cover caps

- Save time by using either the black or white colored screw


Suitable for solid wood, hardwood, MDF, and particleboard.

For increased assembly speed

Designed for durability, strength, and smooth performance. They feature a self-tapping, hi-low thread that provides improved and faster installation.


- The self-drilling point and ultra-performance hybrid coating on a fine-tipped thread that prevent wood splitting 

- The flat head and countersinking nibs provide a flush finish

Suitable for all types of wood, plywood, and particleboard.

Whatever your fastener needs, try our PWR DRIVE screws and see the difference!