In just a few minutes, you can make your drawer interiors and pullouts tidy, functional, and personalized with the new Richelieu StraightLine modular wood divider system.
Offered in birch and walnut with their rich color and distinctive grains, this collection of accessories gives you the ultimate freedom in organization.

  • Quickly transform drawer interiors into highly functional and beautiful spaces
  • Keep kitchen tools and accessories organized
  • Create the perfect harmony in every drawer or pullout by combining a series of:
        > wood trays
        > utensil dividers
        > knife blocks
        > plate holders
        > spice racks
        > boxes
  • Easily re-arrange accessories as many times as you like as needs change

  • 25 drawer accessories for endless mix and match possibilities
  • Made for variable drawer depths and widths
  • Connection clips secure dividers in place
  • Easy installation
  • Made for deep drawers that hold pots, plates and mugs
  • Also works with our Dispensa and Convoy Lavido pantry systems
Find the perfect fit
Our StraightLine collection offers distinctive and unprecedented flexibility. With its versatile elements, you can:
  • Completely customize all your drawer interiors and pullouts
  • Find the combinations to suit your needs perfectly
  • Install easily in a few minutes and modify on a whim
  • Balance practicality and functionality with clean and contemporary lines and a highly aesthetic design

Mix and match at will
With our StraightLine modular wood divider system, you can combine and arrange elements to suit your exact needs. You can also rearrange them in minutes to accommodate changed circumstances:

  • Easily add extra components such as foil roll holders and wrap dispensers, positioned neatly side by side
  • Add compartments for cutlery, inserts for spices, single serve coffee, and whatever else you want to keep close at hand
  • Organize all contents perfectly for a clear overview and easy access

Keep it all in place
Once the versatile organizer elements are arranged as you want them, use the clever connecting clips for the final touch:
  • Used to hold adjacent elements firmly in place
  • No slipping or sliding
  • Easy to unclip and reposition if you feel like a change
You can also use our anti-slip deco drawer mats to keep everything in your drawer in place and add an elegant finished look.