Increase efficiency in the kitchen with well-organized cabinet interiors and drawers

In just a few minutes, you can combine trays, dividers, boxes and holders allowing for the ultimate freedom in drawer organization. Balancing practicality with a clean and contemporary design, Straightline is offered in rich tones of birch, walnut and black ash with an elegant woodgrain texture.  
Create a place for everything and keep everything in its place

  • Easily mix and match components to ensure perfect harmony: 
        − wood trays
        − utensil dividers
        − knife blocks
        − plate holders
        − spice racks
        − boxes

  • Fits variable drawer depths and widths
  • Keeps contents perfectly organized for a clear overview and easy access
  • Easily rearrange accessories as many times as you like 
  • Includes components for deep drawers that hold pots, plates and mugs
  • Use the clever connecting clips to hold adjacent elements firmly in place
  • Also works with our Dispensa and Convoy Lavido pantry systems
Rearrange configurations as needed

  • Each component can be rearranged to accommodate a specific application
  • Simply unclip and move the boxes, trays and dividers into new positions for a brand new arrangement

  • Easily add extra components such as foil roll holders and wrap dispensers, positioned neatly side by side
  • Add compartments for cutlery, inserts for spices, single-serve coffee and whatever else you want to keep close at hand