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 Looking to remodel your kitchen? Given the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, as most all of us do, you will very likely appreciate having a few accessories to make your life easier. After all, everyone wants a more functional and efficient kitchen space.

Why have a cabinet with simple shelving, when you can optimize the functionality of your cabinet space with specially designed systems that improve organization and accessibility? Not sure where to start? Ask your kitchen designer which accessories would be the best choice for your kitchen design.

To help, we've compiled a list of our top solutions for in-cabinet accessories. These are a great way to add comfort and convenience to your everyday life. They will not only boost your quality of life, but also save space in your cabinets, increase the functionality of your kitchen, and help you stay organized. 

With so many options to choose from, we asked our senior designer to share her top must-haves for an optimized and organized kitchen. 



Evenly spaced pantry shelves that don't accommodate the different sizes of pantry items can be frustrating. Another common issue is that items placed in the back of the pantry are difficult to reach.

A pantry system that slides out completely, with height-adjustable shelves, can accommodate containers of all sizes. By pulling the shelves out, the contents come out into the light, enabling a 360° view with full access from all sides. This is the ideal solution for keeping pantry contents organized and easily accessible.



Base cabinet pull-outs can be a very practical and efficient way to keep your cabinets organized. They are also more ergonomic as they bring the contents out to you instead of requiring you to bend down and reach all the way to the back of the cabinet. 


Many units fit different cabinet sizes and feature different accessories. You can opt for shelves to keep key ingredients close at hand, wine storage, or a rack for utensils and knives. 



Base corner kitchen cabinets are considered one of the most difficult areas to reach in a kitchen as they are the deepest, darkest and least accessible spaces.

Try a corner cabinet storage system that combines optimal space use and smooth movement. With two-, three-, or four-height adjustable shelves that can come completely out of the cabinet independently, this is the perfect solution for storing pots and pans while ensuring quick and easy access.



There are many ways to manage kitchen waste and recycling. However, the key consideration is having bins large enough that the contents don't need to be emptied out too often, as well as bins with lids to control odors.

The most convenient systems are those that easily slide out of the cabinet for better access, and with multiple bins for sorting recycling and composting.


Consider different bin sizes and arrangements for composting, recycling and household waste that can be adapted to the needs of a given household. These types of bins are also multifunctional- try using them to store cleaning products, pet food, and other supplies.   



The height of upper cabinets can make reaching for items difficult, and not everyone wants to climb a stool all the time. We recommend an upper cabinet pull-down system, designed to effortlessly bring the upper contents of the cabinet towards you for easier and faster selection. Once you are done, push everything back up. The pull-down shelf system is the ultimate solution for upper cabinets above the fridge! 



How to make drawer interiors both functional and stylish is a perpetual puzzle. Drawer dividers and standard drawer tray inserts work great for silverware, but kitchen tools can be a little more challenging since they vary in size and shape.

Adjustable dividers or systems with matching components such as trays, dividers and boxes which can be expanded to fit any kitchen drawer or easily rearranged, help keep all kitchen tools organized while creating a perfectly harmonious look.


Difficult to get to, the under-sink cabinet is often filled with cleaning supplies and difficult to keep organized. Why not try an under-sink storage system? It can store a variety of items including sponges and the like, slides out smoothly, and comes with removable baskets for easy cleaning. Practical handles makes it easy to take each basket wherever it's needed.


The under-sink cabinet could also be the best place for a low-height sliding recycling center.

We recommend keeping cleaning supplies out of the reach of children by locking the cabinet at all times. The Tot Lok is a great safety feature that can be used on any cabinet. 


A simple way to add additional counter space is a countertop extension mechanism. When you need it, the mechanism is easily pulled out so the surface adjusts flush with the countertop, providing an additional 508 mm (20") of work area. The surface can match the existing countertop or be made from another countertop material.

This mechanism hides in the space usually occupied by a drawer behind a hinged panel and only comes out when you need it. When you don't, simply push it back in and your kitchen will have the clean, streamlined look you love.

As you can see, a few carefully curated in-cabinet accessories can go a long way toward enhancing the functionality and efficiency of any kitchen. All these options are easy to install and versatile enough to adapt to all your needs. You'll wonder how you've ever functioned without them. Plus, it's much more cost effective to choose them in advance and have them installed as part of your remodeling project than to retrofit them after. We are committed to helping you make your life easier, so you can focus on what really matters.