Introducing the Muse Collection

Jean-Claude Poitras, whose unique and timeless creations have seduced all generations, has taken his love of beauty and passion for visual art and transposed them into interior design. Enlisting the artist’s unparalleled talents, Richelieu created sophisticated cabinet hardware that is both rich and refined.

Each statement-making piece is a work of art, a true celebration of beauty

Unique designs, timeless beauty

With a perfect balance of classic elegance and clean lines, the Muse collection will enhance any piece of furniture with a creative touch.

This collection of pulls and knobs, offered exclusively by Richelieu, features six stunning styles. Explore the Muse Collection with its distinctive shapes and finishes, harmonizing different colors, materials and textures.

A touch of cinnamon

Canella is finely detailed and offers an artistic depiction of a cinnamon stick with delicate curves in warm tones. This magnificent eclectic pull made of ash wood will give a refined look and a playful touch to any furniture. 

Discover Canella
A swirl of inspiration

Inspired by organic shell-like elements, the Kara line features ripples that culminate in an impressive, innovative style. Its discreetly concave and convex shapes, hollow center and smooth curves emphasize the richness and ingenuity of the design. This model comes in two finishes: satin gold and charcoal.

Explore Kara
A showcase of curves

Yugen embodies modernity with its sleek curvilinear forms in a semi-gloss black finish. Its impactful scale and shape make this style a striking choice for any furniture or cabinetry. Offered in 4 sizes, this model will elevate any design project.

Explore Yugen
A play on illusion

Allegra is a unique styled knob with angular lines in a tapered shape offering an impressive scale projection. This model is also surprising to the touch as it has a band of rubber through the center which not only creates a contrasting visual effect but also strengthens the grip. It boasts a perfectly balanced finish between glossy and matte.

Be inspired by Allegra
A fresh take on Inuit art

The Inukshuk inspired handles from the Naya model are made of natural stone and adorned with the designer’s signature. The simple lines and artistic quality of each piece create a striking relationship between soft and rough textures.

Embrace Naya
A signature design

Finally, the Silhouette model, a magnificent interpretation of one of Poitras’ eternal signature designs, completes the Muse collection. The glossy glass handle and metallic accent will add timeless elegance to any piece of furniture.

Experience Silhouette

Each statement-making piece is a work of art emphasizing his love of beauty and passion for visual art. This exceptional collection of pulls and knobs will enhance furniture and cabinetry with its distinctive shapes and finishes harmonizing different colors, materials and textures.


Jean-Claude Poitras is an internationally acclaimed artist and designer whose distinctive and timeless signature creations have been influential throughout the past 45 years across all creative platforms. Recipient of numerous design awards around the world, he is a member of Style magazine's Hall of Fame.