Our selection of wine racking systems and components is ideal to create wine cellars of any size, from large-scale restaurant projects that hold thousands of bottles to small-scale residential projects. Choose from a wide range of solutions:

Wall-mounted wine pegs


Our wall-mounted wine pegs offer a modern look and high-quality finish to a wine cellar or wall. Precision-made, patented systems include the XY, Nek-Rite, and Beta Bloc series. Build a wine storage system of dreams!


Fully customizable!
- Install wine pegs according to our recommended layout or create your own.
- Freedom to design a cellar or wall to your exact specifications.

- Combine racking systems to meet individual needs.

  • Made of aluminum in both stainless steel and matte black finishes
  • Wine bottles are stored horizontally
  • Held securely by integrated silicone rings
  • Sold in pairs

Wine storage with dividers
  • Contemporary design offered in brushed aluminum, heat-treated birch and aluminum, or torrefied cherry wood and brushed aluminum
  • Can be floor or ceiling mounted
  • Accommodates a large number of bottles
  • Also offered with a central division and an inclined model
  • Comes with coordinating glass holders and shelves

Aluminum wall-mounted wine racks

  • Can be easily installed between a wall and an end row of cabinets
  • A practical small-space solution for homeowners looking to keep their wine collection at hand
  • Made from anticorrosive robust aluminum 
  • Offered in different sizes and five colors: brushed aluminum, glossy anthracite, glossy black, glossy red, glossy white

Angled wine bottle holders

  • Contemporary design with a torrefied birch wood backing 

  • Offered in five colors: brushed aluminum, glossy anthracite, glossy black, glossy red, glossy white brushed aluminum
  • Easy to assemble, no cutting required

A wide selection of wine cellar design accessories

Add lighting, wine glass holders, shelves, ladders, and decorative surfaces to enhance the design and overall effect of the space.
Our complete wine racking system allows for highly flexible designs for every connoisseur.

Ready-to-assemble modular wooden racks
  • Designed to optimize wine cellar space according to your needs
  • Made from torrefied poplar for its strength and antifungal properties
  • Can be combined to customize wine collections of any size